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About Swirly Girly Bakes

Hi, I’m Shauna Price and I enjoy baking desserts that are pleasing to the eyes and taste buds!  As a child, I remember always being by my mother’s side. If she was sewing, cooking or making cakes and candies - I was there to observe.  Now, I am all grown up and have developed my own special love for baking and decorating.

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This is my story and my song!​

The first cake I made for a co-worker was decorated with simple teal blue ombre rosettes (or swirly swirls as I call it.).  My coworker said the cake reminded of her favorite thing - the sea.  I will never forget her excitement and the smile on her face.  It was at that moment, I wanted nothing more than to make cakes - delicious cakes and decorate them in a way that celebrates the individual. 

​The Swirly Girly name came about because every cake that I made was decorated in "swirly swirls" (rosettes) - that was all that I could do.  I quickly picked up cake decorating tutorials and found even more excitement and love for the art of cake decorating. 

Friends and family began asking me to make their celebration cakes more and more and so Swirly Girly became a thing! 

For now, I am a one woman show.  I handle all aspects of Swirly Girly Bakes on my own and I love it!  I do it along side of working a full time job.  That said, please consider booking in plenty of time (3-4 weeks) to ensure you can make it on the bakery schedule!  If only there were more hours in a day and I didn't require sleep to survive!! 

Swirly Girly Bakes is a Virtual Cakery and Dessert Shoppe (no walk-in facility).  Currently, we are offering delivery only (free within Chesterfield).  


Each request is made to order and  usually can be accommodated with at least 10 days notice.

Custom celebration cakes 3-4 weeks notice is much appreciated.

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